Hello and Welcome!

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow! Welcome to Wellspring at His Feet one and all. My prayers are that you will be uplifted and encouraged as we unite together at the Well for that is where we will meet Jesus awaiting his precious teachings and words of encouragement. I am thankful for this opportunity to sit along side of you and dwell in His presence soaking up all that is He shares with us. May we sit at the feet of the Greatest Love of all time, praying and encouraging one another. All that I am, all that I do is for the Kingdom. As your sister in Christ, know that you are not alone. There is nothing too big that our God cannot solve or remove. May we thirst no more of this world but consume of that which is eternal. Today marks  new beginnings of a chapter in my life, my spiritual walk that connects me even more with the Body of Christ. Are you ready?!! I am quite excited. God tells me to go and I go. No questions asked!!


Meeting you with open arms and a hug…..


2 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome!

  1. Praying for this ministry and so excited to see what the Lord will do through you next!

    Lord, bless this blog. Let is serve your purpose in every way. Fill Terra with your Spirit and guide her. In Jesus’ name – Amen.

    Love you, dear sister in the Lord!!

    • My precious friend in the Lord…..O how I love you as my sister in Christ! You keep me encouraged and prayed for. I appreciate it with all my heart. You are a blessing to know.

      Thank you for the prayer as I seek to grow in every aspect that is the will of our King. May his will be done through me as my heart desires to spring forth good bearing fruit for those seeking Him.

      God bless you Natalie!

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