Spiritual Awakening, Health, and Healing

While this world is going through such a crisis because of the virus pandemic and many other things that are affecting us one way or another I pray eyes and ears and hearts are opened wide to what the Lord is allowing. Not to condemn but to draw us back to Him, to solely acknowledge that He is the great I AM and no other gods will be put before Him. His mercy and grace fall fresh daily and many still choose to deny Him and his sovereignty.

While we stand in hope and belief for this virus to pass and for many lives to be spared from even becoming sick or dying behind it the sad truth is that MANY are dying spiritually day to day. This too is devastating. I am praying globally for an awakening to His truth, love and acceptance of the only way we will eternally come out winning and that’s through repentance and salvation.


3 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening, Health, and Healing

    • “Yes Lord.. I pray we don’t go back to church as usual but a fire to win souls.” Thank you, Sissy for this powerful response. May we begin to be stirred up during this time because the enemy is running rampant. The Father would have it that no none would perish. We have a choice and I pray the heart of man wakes up to receive His love while still on this side of eternity. Love you too!! ❤️

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