Bring The Rain

” Father God, I ask in the name of your Son Jesus that you touch the heart of those seeking you, those looking for brighter days ahead. Give them what they need to make it another day. May Your love, strength, peace and comfort be with them in the middle of their walk. Let them know that they are not alone. You are very present in their time of need. I thank you for blessing us all and giving us a new day to make a difference in how we choose to live. May it all be for Your glory. Amen. “

Living Simply In Abundance


What a Mighty God we serve believers! The Lord is good all the time and how excellent is His name. I pray that wherever you are that you call upon Him and praise his name just because He is Who he says he IS.


This is one of those rainy days when it’s typical of me to feel drained and lacking energy but oh no! What joy the Lord has placed in my heart today for his eyes are upon his beloveds; His children. He has given me a set of of spiritual eyes and ears as well as a sensitive spirit to speak to the heart of those seeking Him. I try not to be on my on schedule everyday without consulting with the Lord first so though I thought I was going to do something else, he directed me elsewhere. Through the Word, the Holy Spirit speaking…

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9 thoughts on “Bring The Rain

  1. Terra, we are having some much needed rain and gusts and a little thunder here today! Isn’t it wonderful that God allowed me to have an entire day already planned to spend catching up with my blogging friends online? Praise be! ALL things work together for the good of them that love the Lord!

    • Amen granbee! I’m so glad that all worked out with the weather that has blown your way. It’s a time of rejoicing when we can see how the Lord worked things out. Blessings to you dear!

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  3. Oh my! THANK YOU LORD JESUS FOR THIS POST!!! You have no idea how my spirit and heart needed it. Out of your physical hardship, came a spring of living water!!!! Thank you SIS…

  4. When the Lord brings to rain it’s like Him washing everything that has any residue on me from the elements of life. He washes us through and through…

  5. If you don’t mind I would like to invite you to a Prayer conference I am holding on March 30, 2012 after viewing your page I see you have testimony and salvation…if you could like to come I would love to have you and any one else who would be interested in praying for our leaders, pastors, salvation of the lost…if you want to let me know and I will send you the information…have a bless day

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