Let Go and Let God: Handling Excess Baggage

Living Simply In Abundance

So I am finally getting my “me time” in. For some reason it really doesn’t seem to happen until the kids are down for bed. (Btw, I am liking the fact that I can operate on the iPad right now. This is great! ) Anyway, I woke up really tired this morning and when I foreseen a mood coming on, it just wouldn’t happen. THAT’S A GOOD THING! Ok Lord. I see what you are doing. Shaping me once again. Something didn’t feel right and I couldn’t put my finger on it. My normal routine wasn’t happening. I am not in control. God is. So I shifted my way of thinking and said Fine. I won’t put up a fight. Let’s just see how this morning will go because it isn’t happening the way I am use to it minus the little attitudes from cranky kids every blue moon which…

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4 thoughts on “Let Go and Let God: Handling Excess Baggage

  1. I pray that your mood gets better because it’s just the enemy trying to make you have a bad day..so tell him now This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it…AMEN

  2. We surely do need to get our hands off the steering wheel of our life’s vehicle and quit trying to counter-steer God! Wonderful repost! Thank you for this refreshment today.

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