Compassion–In Honor of Mothers Everywhere

May our eyes see, ears hear and hearts move to do something for others besides ourselves. This Mothers Day share is full of love and compassion. God bless all mothers around the world.



She wakes up as morning light leaks through cracks in the walls of her home. Outside her door, the neighborhood comes alive. She lives in one of the largest slums in Africa.

Her two oldest daughters wake and help her with chores. Her son grabs his water jug and begins his two hour walk for drinking water. Her baby cries.

She’s a single mom, trying to make the best life for her children that she can.

She cuddles them, loves them and provides for them by selling small items she finds in the trash at a local market.

Her average salary is less than a dollar a day, not quite enough to fill her children’s stomachs.

They lack sanitary toilets, so she waits for rains to flush away raw sewage. This is not the way she wishes to raise her children, but she has no way out.

She worries for…

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