Blog address change


Greetings fellow bloggers and followers,

I pray you receive this update since I am seemingly kind of clueless to the changes I am making! I finally decided to change my url address to match it up with the blog title.

What was formerly has now been changed to If anyone has me on their blogroll or such, please note the new change. I thank you all for allowing me to bless you with words of encouragement as the Lord sees fit. Looking forward to more writing and inspirations along this journey and fellowship with you!

God bless,



6 thoughts on “Blog address change

  1. I received this one, so hopefully that is a good sign! You are so brave to make changes like that. 🙂 That’s a great picture of you, too.

    • Yay! Thanks for letting me know, Patti. I was a bit nervous but felt peace about doing it. 🙂 Thank you for the pic compliment. Blessings to you….

  2. Found you on my “links”.What was your thought process? I’ve been in contact with Word Press Support about this very thing and they’ve told me it doesn’t matter at all if they’re the same or not. That it might actually be an advantage to have them different. But then I read elsewhere that it’s not a good idea. I do know that changing a URL can be very tricky because you have to change all you links. Anyway, would love to hear how you made your decision and if anyone advise you. Nice to meet a fellow believer. Glad I found you.

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for an inquiring mind! Well to answer your question I would have to say that it was a longing to feel more in sync with the blog title. When I first started blogging I was seriously clueless as to what I was doing. Believe me when I say that the Lord brought me down this path. In my mind I see my ministry growing bigger. Words simply cannot express how I felt at the time because I had been wanting to make a change for a long long time. I just didn’t do it because it didn’t feel right. Patience is a virtue!

      I chose to do it in the Lord’s timing and not of my own though I kept going to WordPress help seeking answers about it all because I know that the links would have to change. To be quite honest, I have not worried about all that because if the Lord leads someone to find a specific post on encouragement through me then He will make a way. I say this because it has acutally happened through a person browsing words on Google. They are not even a blogger! Praise God for showing Himself through little ole me! I don’t know if this helps but while it may or may not make a difference to one if their url matches their site name, it made a difference to me because the Lord knew my heart and my desires to reach the nations. It’s all about Him and being obedient.

      *I did consult with a couple believers simply because I still have hiccups along the way with certain things in the blogging world/internet. lol :). Once I had my peace with the Lord, things just flowed! Many blessings to you dear sister and I am glad to have met you.


      • Thanks for your reply. I, too, have felt God directing me throughout this whole blogging process. I was ready to quit so many times but God always sent me encouragement. God bless you in your ministry. My church has just asked me to write for our monthly newsletter and I will be including my e-mail address which if they link to will take the readers to my blog. I’m very exctied about this.

        Again, thanks. it was great to “meet” you.

      • You are welcome. So glad to know that you can relate. CONGRATS on the opportunity to write the months newsletter for your church!! That is awesome news. Just look at how things work when we keep on the path that God sends us on. I look forward to reading your blog. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry as well and keep you encouraged and strengthened during this journey you trek for His namesake.

        It was great to “meet” you as well. Be blessed in the richness and fullness of grace.

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