For a Time Such as This

Who knows what lies ahead before you but God. You can be a risk taker by walking up to the door, opening it and walking through. Standing there won’t do much.

Faith without works is dead.

Like Esther, we can choose to do something about a situation we are faced with whether it’s good or bad.

Stepping out into unfamiliar territory can be scary. Even fearful. Ok maybe out of sheer laziness you just don’t want to do it. How about you are simply procrastinating. Raise your hand if I’m taking to you! (I raised mine.)

For a time such as this you may be called out to reach out to an enemy to bless them and pray for them.

For a time such as this the Lord may be calling you out to do a home Bible study, start a mens/womens ministry, go into the mission field where it may be dangerous. Thinking about giving up on love after a messy divorce? He can restore that calloused heart back to one that’s softened to one day bless with you that future spouse that was meant for you.

I can list a number of scenarios but the question that remains is: will you do it? Will you step forward no matter the cost? If God has called you to it He will equip you to get you through it. The Lord had a friend speak into my life many of times about some things and I kept brushing them off. I began to get the same things spoken into my life from others who didn’t know. The Lord even began to speak to me through devotionals.

I was like “Are you serious?!!”

I thank God that He’s loving, kind and patient. He won’t give up on you and the purpose for why He chose you.

God can do all things but fail. Trust Him even when you can’t see what will happen next. It’s not faith when you can see it. Step forward even if you are afraid to. If I can you can too.

Obedience is key. We will never know the impact that can be made in someone’s life if we choose not to move. I encourage you to move forward even if you have to do it afraid .

Blessings to you,

Terra 🦋


4 thoughts on “For a Time Such as This

  1. Thank you for sharing! The Women’s dept at my church just did a series on the Anointing’s of Anna, Esther and Deborah. I had the great honor of speaking on ESTHER! What you are saying here God also placed on my heart. That Obedience is KEY!

    • You are welcome!! Thank you for reading and taking tome to send a word of encouragement and truth! God is good isn’t He?!! Happy to hear about your experience and how the Lord places the same thing on your heart! Glory to His name!! 🙏🏽💕💕💕

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! God has been calling me to ministry and I have been like you “Are You serious?” Well guess what He is, reading your blog today confirms that. Now to step out in faith. He is Faithful!

    • You are welcome for it. Forgive my delay in replying. I’ve had a lot going on. Reading your message brings a smile to my face. I am happy that you stepped out in faith and following your call to ministry! Praise the Lord!!

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