Sometimes it comes when you least it expect it. But will you pause…

Hey y’all. How are you doing today? Really. How are you? With so much going on around the world and perhaps with yourself do you ever feel like you just get caught up with the day to day and the busyness of it and still feel empty or unaccomplished?

Well that’s been me plenty of times .

Sometimes that busyness can cause us to miss the pause. The pause of the Lord beckoning us to His presence. Have you felt it? Did you perhaps catch it happening? If so, did you stop to partake? Even if just for a mere moment it’s priceless. Immeasurable. A treasure of treasures it is.


Take the time and embrace it. You may never know what comes of it if you don’t. The power of pause will bring reflection, praise, prayer unto Thee. Glory be to Thy holy Name!