Never Forget

There always seems to come a time (and again ) when we forget.

We forget about God. We forget about all that He’s done in our lives. Those moments in time when we didn’t realize that it was He Who saved us, spared us, and kept us from hurt, harm, and danger.

Never forget

Doing things our way because it’s faster and seemingly more convenient not even realizing that we are slowly drifting away. From Him. His ways that are right and without fault. Oh how patient He is with us. He’s merciful, faithful, and full of grace. The beauty of Who He is never changes. Isn’t that something? How easy it is to give up on humanity and the craziness that we bring to it. And yet He God the Father remains faithful and ever so loving. He waits for us to return. The nudges are there. (Thank You Holy Spirit)

Do we return? I pray so.

Do we have time? I pray so. Anything can take place between now and then. Right? Right. And yet we chance it just to do things our way and in our time when we know that our ways are not His ways and our thoughts are not His thoughts and so on. In this never forget mindset, this never forget how far we’ve come, this present time of choices that we make will we turn from the error of our way in mind and body to do life His way?

Bad choices and decisions will come but at what cost are we willing to keep forgetting and turning a blind eye and deaf ear, as well as that nudging in our hearts to stop, look, listen and return? It’s never too late but when we know better we should do better.

I pray we never forget to the point that we become numb and desensitized and given over to the flesh to let it have its way. The Lord calls us who belong to Him to deny self daily. This life we live in Him will not always be easy and without hardships but the choices we make in how we handle matters in word and action makes all the difference.