Window Seat Thinking

I’ve been sitting and thinking…. Et voilá the lightbulb came on in so many words! Well, it’s really the Holy Spirit moving. You know, shaking me up a bit! I have been sitting on dreams deep within me and it’s time to move. Come out my comfort zone. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be at home with my children for 15 yrs as of now. Though my kids are school age, there is so much for me to take advantage of and reach lives in various ways. I’m not too computer savvy, but I see some bright things ahead of me and nothing but time on my hands. Boy oh boy! The things that come to surface when you have a little quiet time with God. Amazing 🙂

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.
 Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this.” ( Psalm 37:4,5 )

All my life I have done a lot of window seat thinking. Some good and some not so good, but I must say that He knew every thought within me then as well as now. I am walking in a newness and striving each and everyday to see what it is that He has for me. Change doesn’t come over night, but trying is the best thing you can do. For example, I had all my babies back to back and that took up much of my time. Diapers, nursing and potty training. Usually a combo between at least two kids at a time! Lol . When they grew up and could start doing for themselves, it was just me. All alone trying to figure out what to do. It took me almost 3 years when my last child started school to learn how to be Terra the woman, not just a mother and wife. I am a child of God and I should seek every avenue to glorify Him. It’s come over time and I have back tracked as well but I am determined to not give up. It’s a new season and it’s time to move on. Who wants to miss out on their blessings? None of us do I would imagine. Well….. here’s to New Adventures. I’m excited!!