Breaking Me of My Own Will

March 2011 Archive reminder…God continues to break, mold and refine us for his glory. His plans are greater than ours.

Living Simply In Abundance

Heavenly Father, I pray that your will, your way and your Word be embedded within my heart to reach out to those who need and seek you. I pray that your strength, comfort, blessings and your abounding love moves gently yet swiftly over your children. Remove the spiritual blinders that we carry that blocks us from receiving all that you have for us. Break us of our own will that we may be made perfect in You. May we seek righteousness, show compassion, be merciful and show grace towards others even when we feel that that they don’t deserve it. We are not in a place to judge anyone. You are the Judge, the Ruler. My God in heaven, remove the shackles that weigh us down and slows up our process in doing your will for our lives. May we strive to be a living example to those around…

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12 thoughts on “Breaking Me of My Own Will

  1. Dearest Terra, a wonderful mediation, especially during this blessed season of Lent. I would so love for you to check out my Lenten Journey post of 02/29/2012 at, as it ties in so closely with your reblogged post here today. Compassion and mercy are fruits of the Holy Spirit and greatly to be desired and developed within all the faithful! PraiseBe!

    • Joy and a heart filled with adoration for Abba. To deny oneself and take unto His brings an abundance of spiritual fruit to embrace and live out daily as long as we walk in obedience. Thank you my friend for sharing your post with me during this time of Lent! I don’t know how I’ve missed your post(s) though I must admit that I am still playing catch up on reading blog posts. My email is in overload! Looking forward to reading! Thanks a bunch. 🙂

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