Enter Into His Presence Part 1

Today has been so refreshing and delightful as I was in the presence of the Lord.

Have you ever had those moments when you just don’t want to break away into the busyness of life just to sit at the feet of the Lord, to pour of a heart of praise and thanksgiving? Having a Mary heart in a Martha world. ( Luke 10 : 38-42 ) This is how I felt and it was amazing.

How Great Thou Art has been my praise unto Thee this evening and I cannot stop singing! I thought I would share this with you all.


God bless each heart that craves to eat the spiritual food and drink from the Living Water that is supplied in abundance. Take thereof and be blessed in Him.


“Bless the Lord, O my soul. O Lord my God, thou art very great; thou art clothed with honor and majesty.” ( Psalm 104 : 1 KJV )


11 thoughts on “Enter Into His Presence Part 1

  1. Truly, our God is great, and He is greatly to be praised! There’s nobody like Him! What a Savior! Thank you so much, for this time of worship. May the Lord bless you!


    • He indeed is all those things and more! Praises to Him always. I am happy to hear you enjoyed and shared this time of worship with me. God bless you just as well my sister. Love ya!

  2. Terra, I’m so grateful to hear from you again. And praise God for this post. How Great Thou Art is one of my all time favorite hymns, especially the words. Hearing it tonight brought tears to my eyes. Good tears of joy for how great our God is. It is so good to hear from you. How is your family? How are you doing. Marie and I both have colds and allergies now so we’re coughing and wheezing. It’s that time of year. Anyway, I hope you all are doing wonderful God bless you and thank you so much for such an awesome post. God bless, Steve

    • Awww! Steven, I thank you so much for the warm welcome back on the scene! There is no better timing than that of the Lord’s. Everything fell right into place coming back to fulfill my service of sharing Christ and encouragement.

      I love this hymn just as much. Tears of joy filled me and I played this song so much yesterday. Being in His presence is beyond words but there was no other place I wanted to be. I was content. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post.

      My prayers are with you and Marie. Hope you both have a speedy recovery. This weather bring about colds and sicknesses everywhere. Take care of yourselves. All is well with my family and I. Small things like injuries with my kids and I have happened over time but we are healed up. Thank you Jesus. It’s been a while since you and I have communicated. Sorry about that. You have been thought about though! I have another daughter who will be graduating this school year and heading off to college. It’s emotionally hard but my husband and I are very proud of her!

      I am slowly catching up on blog posts. I look forward to reading your inspirations and blessings The Lord has given you to share. Indeed you encourage me and I appreciate your friendship! God bless you dear brother. Please keep in touch and I will do the same.

      • Yes, my sister in Christ. I’m so happy you and your husband and family are doing well. Kids get scrapes and bruises. I think it’s part of growing up. Yes, Terra, we will stay in touch. God bless you and your husband and family. I look forward to reading more of your blessed writing.

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