Rest in The Lord

Wellspring at His Feet

O Lord, I thank You for keeping my mind in a state of peace in the midnight hour. You speak to my heart with a soft touch drawing me nearer to Thee.

No greater comfort I find but in Your presence. While it is easy to become distracted and battle thoughts in storms, I choose You. I choose to lift Your name on High with a heart of thanksgiving.

I will sing praises to You and meditate on Thy faithfulness . My heart rejoices.
Comfort I seek is that of which I find in You. I can nestle in the comfort of Your mighty word, the gentleness of its passages as I lay my head to rest.

Let all creation find peace day and night. Your goodness shall be proclaimed in all the earth. Amen.

Comfort in scripture

I will extol you, my God and King,
and bless your name…

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