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Testimony’s Corner.

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Greetings one and all! As promised, I set up Testimony’s Corner on my front page two  clicks over from the Home menu. I am looking forward to this new addition that God is enabling me to partake in with you all as we share our testimonies with one another while giving praise, glory and honor to God!

Praise the Lord and Welcome!!



11 thoughts on “Testimony’s Corner

  1. Thanks for the opportunity. Just this week, the Lord has led me from an abusive situation and while I do not yet know the answer to my provisional needs, I know He does. Meanwhile, He is showing me that all things work together for good and the eyes of my heart are beginning to see that there are blessings in ALL things, even those that hurt. He is good.

    • Thank you Martha for sharing your testimony. I surely will be praying with you and for you that you will have sensitivity to the Holy Spirit to know the provisons for you regarding the situation He has led you away from. I am so thankful that you are not in that abusive situation anymore. I pray your testimony touches the hearts and lives of many looking for the way out. Jeus is the way and I believe it. Blessings do come out of hardships and adversities. Keep hope and faith as you wait. Please keep me posted if you don’t mind whether it’s on the blog or through email.

      Sending my hugs, love and prayers your way…


      • Thanks Terra! Not sure where the financial provision will come from but He does. He seems to be leading to a vocation which blesses my socks off to be used but from which I don’t see the money needed. However, if I have to choose between riches in money or being in His will and plan, the choice is easy! I will keep in touch.

      • You are welcome Martha. Amen and thank you! His plan and will is always better than ours. He knows the outcome way in advance.

  2. Great idea Terra! Many times we focus on just the requests we have and forget to share when they’ve been answered. Praying the Lord uses this to bless many!! Blessings

    • Thank you Edith! I pray that this blesses many as well!! It’s good to share when the request has been answered! God is faithful!

      Blessings ❤

    • Thank you Patti! It is quite fine. No worries! You have been a tremendous support since I have met you and it is greatly appreciated! 🙂

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