When Change Comes a Knockin’


Hello there..

On this day that we are now in my heart feels inclined to share a message of encouragement with you. Do you mind? May it wrap around your heart with gentleness and love as it has mine. God is faithful to supply when we call upon Him.

Warmest regards from my heart to yours,

Cling to the Lord even through the tough times. Wow. This was so befitting today. Change is hard but needed at times. Just like the butterfly which was once a caterpillar, time and people change. Seasons change too. You can’t move forward while still looking back.

Let go and let God.

Sometimes we hold ourselves up from new beginnings or a new season because we cling to the familiar.

Earlier today I actually saw 2 swallowtail butterflies each time I went out the door. Once out the front door and then the back door. Isn’t that something?!!

There are times when the Lord will use the smallest things in nature or what we may not really pay attention to to get our attention.

For me right now in this new day that I am experiencing all I can say is “Thank You Lord for showing me. I hear you and I see what you are saying”

Dear hearts…. sometimes the blessing will come through the change if you are just willing to let change take its course. 

Be encouraged in this new day, season and change that you are facing. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13 KJV❤


11 thoughts on “When Change Comes a Knockin’

  1. Ouch! I fight against change. Lol. But newness comes with it, especially when it’s of the Lord. Thank you for this reminder, Sis 🙂

    • Praise the Lord my dear sister in Christ from Kenya! Thank you Grace for taking time to read my post and be blessed by it. I credit the Lord for my writings…. it’s all to bring Him glory as I reach hearts like yours. Much love to you! ~ Terra

  2. I’m struggling with this, whether to continue doing something that’s become a struggle at times, of if there’s a new thing on the horizon. Your prayers are appreciated, dear heart.

    • Patti, you definitely have my prayers. This truly grabbed my heart. The Lord desires for you to be at peace and to also trust Him with the unknown. He can never steer us in the wrong direction. Cast your cares upon Him, prayers and wait for his response. Don’t struggle dear friend. Believe me when I say that it’s not worth it. Sometimes the answer is right there on front of us. We just have a hard time letting go. Sending hugs your way and again I will be praying for you about this. God bless you.

      • I think I struggle being afraid I’ll miss that still small voice. I should know better. Hugs!

      • You know what… I do too. But He comes to us in so many small ways. Just keep your eyes and ears open. I’ve learned the hard way. Lol. Hugs back to ya!

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