Your job. Do you take it seriously?

Regardless of what your job is, do you do it half way? How would you rate yourself? Let’s be honest now.

I am a homemaker by choice though I have had small jobs that were paid and volunteer on the side. I can honestly say that I did all that I could wholehearted. I am driven to do excellent. It’s a part of who I am and all that I strive for. To be great at what I do.

I wonder if most people who are homemakers take their job just as seriously as if it was an outside job that you get paid for. Hmm. I do. I must say that it is some hard work but I love the benefits of still being able to stay at home and have a flexible schedule to do what I want during the day while the children are in school. My home represents a part of me and my standards. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have OCD. (I don’t think) I will just say that I love for my house to look presentable. Not just for eyes of company but for myself and my family. I’m not really sure what goes along with the sterotypical middle class housewife/housedad in comparison to the rich and famous,but I grew up having parents who worked their tails off. Being that my mother was the primary person who cleaned the house and showed an example as to how to keep your house clean, there you go. A seed was planted in me. I now plant those seeds within my own children. For obvious reasons your home should be tidy and clean. Some little creatures you can’t avoid regardless like ants, but you can control them with sprays and such.

I guess my mind has been going nonstop today. Getting up early, getting the family ready for school and work. Then there is my time: getting a workout in and then CHORES. I only emphasized it because that is what I do! No I don’t have a favor of cleaning toilets but it must be done. I usually go by a schedule that I have to do certain things on particular days and then there are things I do on a daily basis.

Oh…… now I remember what I was thinking. I am reminded that no matter what your job position may be, do it unto the Lord. Paid or not paid. Take joy in your job and don’t complain. If you didn’t have a job, what would you have to complain about. Having that job is beneficial to living. Money, a roof over your head, bills, insurance, food, clothing, children and the list goes on. We will run into bumps in the road with co workers and bosses and people in general but take your job seriously and do it with all you have. God is watching you. You know that, right?!! Lol.  As for myself, I am alone so there isn’t a boss to watch over me here on earth but God is watching me and I know this! Ok, sometimes I forget and get caught up mentally or physically and then I am nudged and reminded ” hey…. shouldn’t you be doing something right about now? ” Conviction sets in just as well. What about you? What are you thinking about in regards to any of this?

Well, my little breaks in between my relaxed Monday cleaning ( just for today ) is over, so I think I should get back to folding the last of colored laundry since the arcade sound the dryer makes has let me know it is done! The family will be home soon and the remainder of dinner needs to be completed.

Stay determined, focused and always do your best!


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