2 thoughts on “Message from the heart

  1. Thank you Terra, why don’t we have a button that says… liked very much or very, very much. I was greatly comforted and encouraged by your message not to give up Terra, yesterday the Lord said to me the battle is mine, today you remind me it is won.

    Regardless of the pain we sometimes endure and Jesus said in this world we will have trouble He has the healing balm and even if at times we have a tear in our eye, as you shared Terra we always have His inner Joy in our heart and when we need reassurance He will give it in and through us, one to each other, we are His Body, Hands, Arms, Feet and Voice. Thank you again Terra you warmed my heart through His comfort in His Truth.

    Christian Love Anne

  2. 🙂 Amen and thank you about the post. I am so glad you were comforted by the message and reassurance of His healing and battle victory. I really like your comment about the ” balm ” . What a great word to use when it comes to describing His healing in difficult moments. Thank you for that. It anchored deep within me. And yes, we are the Body consisting of all the parts that make us whole. So thankful for the Savior who lives within us…. uniting us as children of the Most High. You are most welcome my friend. I am here for you when you need a shoulder.


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