Dial 1-888- God- Help


Today is a brand new day. Leave yesterday where it belongs and move forward! If you woke up this morning with premeditated thoughts of how bad your day is going to be for whatever reason, change your thought process. It’s not too late to make the wrongs right.

Call upon the name of the Lord and submit your cares and concerns before him. Nothing is too big or too complicated that He cannot fix it. Now don’t go looking in the phone book for the number because you won’t find it there! You will find every Tom, Dick, Jane and Sally in the yellow pages with businesses to help you with everything but what you really need. Only God Himself can provide services beyond man’s capabilities.

Tomorrow has enough worries of its own so live today with purpose. Make it your business to put your best foot forward, speak with kindness and treat others with the respect as if God was standing visibly right next to you.

God loves you! Remember that. If you have breath in you, this day wasn’t given to you to be miserable. Choose how you want your day to go. Make up in your mind how you will let today affect you. It may not be great, but having the right attitude until things look brighter makes the wait worth while.

If you need to go into your prayer closet, GO! If you have a minute to spare ( you know you do! ) between your thoughts and what is about to come out your mouth and it’s not positive, GO! Make that call….. The Lord is waiting to hear from you.

( I’m sure He’s up to date on technology, so you can send text messages too. They are free of charge! Smile! You ARE His favorite child ya know. ) God stays awake 24/7 and answers in all languages and time zones. NO EXCUSE!



16 thoughts on “Dial 1-888- God- Help

  1. Awesome! Love it πŸ™‚ Thank you for faithfully relaying God’s message to us today, Terra! May we all answer the call and cry out to Him in faith, knowing He will supply everything we need.

    • Amen! You are welcome my friend! I agree…God is able to supply everything we need. May we answer the call and cry out to Him in faith. I am praying and standing in faith and on His promises for us all! πŸ™‚

  2. “If you woke up this morning with premeditated thoughts of how bad your day is going to be for whatever reason, change your thought process.”

    That is an AMAZING sentence! It’s so easy for me to be pessimistic and to give in to the depression. This was a great reminder that I get to choose how to view the day.

    • Thank you Marie. I know that times can get tough and the tunnel looks as if light may never come but we CAN choose how we want our day to go. I do pray for your depression and I will make it my business to pray even more. Anything I can do from afar, please let me know. I encourage you to speak positivity into your morning when you wake up. If you have to write it down, shoot for it. Sending my prayers up to the Lord for you and your healing. You will win this battle victoriously in the Lord! Stand on His word and speak the promise into your life and over yourself.

  3. Amazing post! It was a good reminder of not letting worry and fear control our lives, because our God is bigger than any problem. Thanks for sharing. And I love that last picture of the text message. God bless.

  4. Terra, I think I will use Speed Dial and just call on the name thats above every name. ( JESUS ) ! Yes, Jesus is up 24/7. When I call on that name he already know my thoughts, needs, and the desires of my heart. I just need to grab hold of FAITH with both hands and trust in Him. Going through my storms of dark days, hurt, and pain is continuously, molding me into a great, bright piece of art for all to bare witness, to how great the Almighty savior is, and what Jesus, can do if we allow Him into our hearts. Coming out with wings of Faith and Deliverance.

    Have a prosperous year !

    • What a loving and mighty God we have. Without Jesus, there would be no way to be before the Father. Praise His name for being available when we need Him!

      May your new year be prosperous too! Thanks Shenine πŸ™‚

  5. How amazing it is to be reminded that God is lending His unlimited time and help to us πŸ™‚ Above all, it’s free to call Him πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing Terra! God bless

  6. Wow I love this Terra! I love God’s iPhone message. I gotta give God a reply “YOUR MY FAVOURITE TOO!!!!!” Thanks for this post Terra. Enjoyed it. πŸ˜€ Stay blessed my sister.

    • You are welcome sister! When I look back at the post, I can not help but smile with a joy in my heart over the iPhone message! How awesome God is that we are his favourite children! Thank you for blessing me with kind words! Blessings to you always my sister!

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