I didn’t catch a butterly today….instead it was a poisonous reminder

Divine Creations Photography

Not sure if this is a Brown Recluse

So I really had a good day outside attempting to capture a little bit of this and a little bit of that until I saw this spider. I am not sure if it is a Brown Recluseor not. Either way spiders give me the creeps in general. If it is the Brown Recluse itself, then it indeed gives me chills of the summer leading up to my marriage almost 18 yrs ago. I was on vacation down south between Mississippi and New Orleans. I am still clueless as to when and where I got bit multiple times on my leg and ankle but as time passed, the symptoms started to kick in and I ended up at the hospital with a swollen foot. Before you knew it, I started sweating, became dizzy, vision was leaving me and I passed out before I was even seen by a doctor.


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2 thoughts on “I didn’t catch a butterly today….instead it was a poisonous reminder

  1. I came within about 6 hours of losing my lower left leg and foot to multiple brown recluse spider bites (from working in my garden in Mobile,AL when my children were very small–and they were with me!) about 36 years ago! Thankfully, our doctor took agressive measures in his clinic–and now I just have two small white, round scars! So I totally relate to your reaction when taking this photo, at the possibilities you mention. I am glad you reblogged this post–it has been therapeutic!

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