If You Feel That Tug……

Lord, I come humbly before you asking you to take away any fleshly desire that is in me. Remove things out of my life that are hinderances. I wanna do right, I wanna talk right, I want to let the light shine that you put in me. There is nothing in this world greater than you. Temporary joy is not eternal joy. I need you Jesus. I can’t live like this anymore. I fall to my knees with a broken heart… fighting tears. Lord I know you have been calling my name. I know I need to come back to You. It’s where I belong. No love outside of You is unconditonal. I am a sinner, I have backslidden. I have tried so hard to keep You away so that I can enjoy the pleasures of this world. I now see that they do not make me happy.

I feel that burn stirring within me when I know I am doing wrong. Whether it’s a worship song I hear in passing, the Sunday church bell ringing, seeing someone praying aloud ….I feel the tug. When this world weighs me down with issues beyond my control… I feel the tug. The Holy Spirit is nudging me on in such a sweet and kind way. I can’t do this life. I just can’t do anything without You. I NEED YOU LORD.


Dear Loved One,

I encourage you today to give your life to Christ. Allow him to help you. There is nothing this world can do that will fix your problems for good. It’s only temporary. Nothing is too big that Our God in heaven can’t fix. No sin will keep him from loving you. If you know Christ and walked away, COME BACK, if you don’t know Him at all, COME TO and let Him receive you with open arms. He’s waiting. Just come on HOME. To God be the glory! I lift you up today with a heart wanting you to start a new day in Him. It’s not too late. Let go of the worries, leave behind the people who mean you no good. Don’t look back at what you are leaving because there is no treasure found in it. Keep your heart and mind focused on Christ and move forward. This is my heart’s desire. My heart is heavy and calling out to the Lord on your behalf. We don’t know the day or hour that He’s coming back. May we just be ready when He does. If I never meet you in this life, I pray to see you in glory because I am heaven bound. Hallelujah!! Thank you Jesus!!!

Love your sister in Christ,



14 thoughts on “If You Feel That Tug……

  1. Girlfriend…I feel like you were talking right to me. I have trying to be more cognizant of the Holy Spirit leading me, and unfortunately the more I look for Him, the more I try to hear and feel His guidance, the more I realize it’s there, and I have just pushed it down and chosen not to listen and not to follow time and again. Thank you so much for this blessed reminder. Much love, sweet friend! xoxo

    • My sweet Mary, I can’t help but sing praises to the Lord. It’s my obedience and love for Him and for you as well as others that has me spilling my heart out.

      I am keeping you in my prayers. I don’t say it to say it. I mean it. Just surrender. Give it all over to Him girl. He’s speaking to your heart and this post grabbed your attention.

      Call on Him and welcome him in.

      Love and blessings to you ( hugs )

  2. Good morning Terra,I see God is working on you too! Our post are so much alike LOL!! God is awesome “Hallelujah”! Father as I cry out to you help us to yield totally to you.Amen God is reaching and ready to move us forward and I’m ready to go.
    Love you Terra and your post is such a blessing to me. 😀 😀

    • Good Morning Pat! Yes, Lord! He’s moving swiftly across this earth! May we take heed to his word and act accordingly. He’s calling us by name to reach his sheep!

      Love you sister! Keep on keeping on….

  3. As I read this wonderful invitation of a post, to yield to the tugging of the Holy Spirit, I kept hearing in my head those wonderful hymn words, “Come home, come home: all ye who are able, come home!”

  4. I felt the tug and almost went to Presbyterian seminary 35 years ago. I have my faith but was a bit of a player on the streets of Miami for many years. I became a high school teacher instead. 33 years, inner city, minority, violent, poverty, crime, drugs. I helped a lot of kids read and write and stay out of trouble. A different kind of ministry but one of meaning I think.

    • Hello Carl, Thank you for sharing your heart with me. You have taken on a ministry that is a hard one. Being a teacher who really cares to bring out the best in children in hard work. I hope that the seeds you planted in them have taken root at some point in their lives and have blossomed. There is always room for hope, change and growth in us all no matter how much time has passed. This applies to you with the church ministry as well. Seminary may not be what the Lord is calling you to right now but you will never know unless you seek Him and his will for your life. I encourage you to step out on the tug even if it stemmed from this post. To God be the glory.

      There is no time like the present to seek the Lord in all seasons of our life. He’s just waiting as a gentleman for us to open up the door and invite him in.
      God bless you always, Terra

  5. Wonderful, a delightful invite to anyone who does not know Him. A graceful reassurance to someone who needs to come back into the fold.

    Once upon a time, I was the prodigal. I heard the messenger calling out, and ignored Him, oh how that has pained me. God is faithful and awaits all who would come back to Him, with forgiveness and love.

    Thank you for sharing your heart, thank you for praying, what a blessing you are through our Lord to so many.

    • You are welcome Greg. The Lord pours into my heart. I can’t help but respond in obedience and love on others. Thank you so much for being a shoulder of encouragement. I just want to stay in the Lord’s will and be used to reach those he’s calling.

      Sending love, prayers and blessings your way brother. 🙂

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