Keep Me Lord Jesus

All I can do is lift and stretch my hands towards heaven in adoration of my Lord and Savior! Something always makes me want to cry in a rejoicing sense from this song. O’ Lord I just thank you for keeping me!

I shared this song posted below on my sister in the Lord’s blog site  for Wednesday’s Praise and Worship. Please stop by and share in fellowship and in love as we lift up the Lord and encourage one another! (site posted below)


8 thoughts on “Keep Me Lord Jesus

  1. There is something about that name, JESUS! The lyrics of this song are beautiful, and the artist has a mighty anointing on His life! I can feel the presence of the Lord each time I listen to this song! Thank you so much for joining us today at the worship session, and I appreciate you linking your post to the session! May the Lord bless you! 🙂


    • Amen Amen Amen! You are so right Paulette about this song and about the anointing being on the singer’s life. Patrick has a gift to touch.

      You are so welcome for the link. I was so happy to stop by and join in! Thank you for putting together a worship day for us to come collectively together to magnify The Lord! This is a blessing from The Lord through you! Have a wonderful day sis! ❤

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