I Smile Because……

Greetings to each and every one of you! I find it a pleasure and a joy to share a bit of myself with you. So before you begin to think this post might be superficial, just continue to read! Well for the longest of time, I have always been told that I have a beautiful smile and to be quite honest, it never really registered as to the effect that it has on others. It even goes as far as strangers being bold enough to approach me in the grocery store and told me that my smile brightened up their day. Young and old alike! As odd as it may be, me smiling on the surface is just a tad bit of what it means for me. My smile starts from within and radiates outwardly. Yes, genes and my character play a major role, but God has placed a love and joy deep within me that makes me the woman that I am, the woman that He is still building. I can’t help it that I seem to be happy a majority of the time but I tend to try and find goodness everyday in His blessings. Waking up ought to be good enough for us. Have you thought about that? We work robotically most of the time like clockwork whether we set an alarm clock to wake us up or not. It’s natural to just get up and go. I have been guilty of that myself and then one day I woke up and REALIZED that I was alive. Not because of an alarm clock, because my kids shook me or because something startled me and grabbed my attention. It all happened because of the Lord. 
Smiling gives me joy. It gives blessings as well as receiving them. I don’t do it to gain favor with anyone but to show that I am happy, and approachable. I am a people person. I like interacting with others. It touches down deep within the being of another going through a good or bad day, it’s a reminder that they need not to frown because it’s just not worth the effort to make a facial expression that can give you a headache just because you are using more muscles in your face to do it as well as it playing a mental factor as to how your outlook on your day might be OR just seeing a reminder that God created everything for His glory. Of course there is the natural attraction that a man and woman have towards each other but it still deeper than that. For me it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Smiling is contagious! I smile, you frown. You see me smile, you smile. You smile and you pass that joy onto another and it keeps going. (hopefully) My family is my everything. My husband, my kids, and our extended family, my friends old and new, hiking, the beach and art museums. Butterflies and loving on babies I adore! Oh how I love them! I have worked in my church’s nursery and working at the desk to service the parents and children is a wonderful feeling. Parents want to feel secure just as well as the babies so I greet them with the most pleasant smile I can simply because I love serving others and tending to yound children. Anyway, I hope you too can smile just a little bit more each day and just be thankful for the small things…….. like a smile. To Him I owe it all. Thank you Jesus!

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