A Brand New Day

O Lord, as we start our day, may we be of a right and sound mind. Take away anything that displeases you. Let any confusion, anger, resentment, desires of any state of mind that causes us to fall be removed at once. May all discontent and harm of our thoughts not be carried out through our words and actions. Let us live this day according to Your will and purpose, being a godly example to those around us. Lead us into our day that is about Your peace and love. Let righteousness go forth in our steps and out of our mouths. Reside in the temple that keeps You with us. May all that we are, all that we strive to be, be used for the praise and glory of excellence found in You. Bless those who seek You, those who have turned their backs on you, those lost in darkness who have yet to meet you and receive salvation. May Your light shine in those dead areas that will arise and praise Your holy name. Rain down melodies from heaven that the earth will rejoice! Lastly, please be with those who are sick. Heal them from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet. Restore them in their mind, body and spirit. We welcome You Lord. Draw near to us as we draw near to you. Hallelujah! Thank you for Who you are and all that you are. With all that is within, may we be grateful that you allowed us to live yet another day, not by any thing that we have done, but by Your mercy and grace, we are here. Father, thank you for favor. In the name of Jesus I bring this prayer before you. Amen.



16 thoughts on “A Brand New Day

  1. Terra,
    how refreshing! A brand new day to accept Jesus. A new day to ask forgiveness. A new day to put away bad habits and start anew. A new day to forgive someone and be healed. A new day to become intimate with christ. A new day to teach our little ones. A new day to bring an unbeliever to christ. A new day to praise and worship our Lord and saviour. A new day to serve our purpose on earth. A new day to be thankful. A new day to love and be loved. A new day to see a nother day. A new day to be able to say a NEW DAY! So you have said a mouthful in “A New Day.

    Amen, to a new day to awake and draw near to christ! Yes Lord a new day that you have shown FAVOR on my life that you breathe life in my body again. Father I say thank you.

    • AMEN and AMEN! Yes yes yes many times to all that you have said. A new day will bring so many blessings if we see and take in account that the Father has blessed us into a new day full of His blessings waiting to be acknowleged and shared with those amongst us! Praises unto Him for without him my life would be nothing.

      Thank for for this blessing.

  2. I was wondering why I was feeling so much better Terra, it was your prayers about a week ago, thank you they were beautiful and from the heart because I know you care deeply for others.

    Many blessings Christian Love Anne.

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