Feeding the Multitude


Typically this is not like me to write a random post without the leading of the Holy Spirit but then again, this could be such doing and my emotions and compassion for the lost, broken, and hungry have stepped forward in a bold moment. This message in regards to Feeding the Multitude applies to those who need physical nourishment as well as spiritual. We are called to go out and tend to them. The widows, the orphans, the sick and all. Believe me when I say that I am speaking to myself as well as you because we all need to pitch in and help. We are instructed to do this in an act of obedience and love.

The Outworking of Love

“By this we know love, because He laid down his life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him? My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth.” ( 1John 3:16-18 NKJV )

I could easily throw up a Thanksgiving Day picture fully decorated with all the delighful looking food and happy people, but I choose not to. The foundation of this celebration is about giving thanks to the Lord for all that He has done, bringing people together in fellowship and enjoying a meal. At least that is what I think it is. This is what I have learnt over the years as an adult. I didn’t grow up knowing that I was to give thanks unto the Lord and being grateful for my family and friends. It was just food cooked out of TRADITION. We ate and went our way year after year in my eyes and opinion. I am not, in no way throwing my parents under the bus so to speak. Maybe they didn’t know any better, but it wasn’t until I married that I learned the true meaning. It took some getting used to. ( and I still have a hard time getting in the swing of festivities believe it or not for that very reason ) Ok. Enough digressing. Back to getting on track with what I was saying.

Jesus is calling us out to go boldly in His name to preach the Gospel to the world and to take care of those in need. This place we live in isn’t getting any better and more lives are being lost daily. People are becoming more and more selfish by the minute. Where is the love? Where is the compassion? Do you really think it is good enough to look at the television or newspaper, the man standing on the corner, reading the “junk mail” that asks you to consider sponsoring a needy child over in another country, to drive past a food bank or shelter and say “Lord bless their hearts and provide for them” and so forth? NO. It’s not good enough.

Many of us can honestly say that we are blessed enough financially that we have a roof over our heads, a job, clothing on our back, good health, a good and sound mind to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, but how about the ones who can’t. Do we just rely on the state to take care of them? How about the volunteers willing to give their time willingly to help those who have less than? The answer should be NO. Who is looking out for their spiritual health at the same time? I am sure that some of them are richly blessed in spirit more so than some of us. They may not have a dime in their pocket but their hearts are rich in faith. That is something to think about.

I am not trying to convict anyone at all and if I have offended you, please forgive me, but realize that any given day your life could go from being on top to hitting rock bottom. Then what?? You will be that very same person that the world turns a deaf ear and a blind eye to. We reap what we sow. Now it’s up to you what you can give whether it’s financially or spiritually but being a bench warmer isn’t going to get it. It’s time to get proactive. Not just during the holiday seasons but during every day life.

This painful post is because I was sitting down eating dinner and my eyes began to well up with tears because of a story I read. A man lost everything and is now living under a bridge. Wife left him, he’s without a job and a home. But he was thankful for whatever food the shelter/ sponsoring businesses that rallied together to feed and clothe the homeless supplied. What caught my attention more than anything was that despite his situation, he was willing to share the Gospel with anyone willing to listen to him. In the mean time, he is holding on looking for that day to come when he can get back on his feet.

That’s HOPE.

Prayerfully, I want the Lord to direct my footsteps in the direction He wants me to go to in ministering to the lost. I can say that I know that I know that I KNOW that He is preparing me for something greater in my ministry. It’s all about Christ. Living who I strive to be in Him and taking care of those less fortunate however it may be. To God be the glory. May I be stripped of anything that is not pleasing to Him so that I may live a righteous life through him and be an example to those living in darkness.

Dear friends, I am not asking you to do a thing except pray and ask the Lord to direct your thoughts and footsteps. Think for a minute if you would and try to imagine yourself in the shoes of a sinner without repentance and salvation as well as the homeless person without. You can think back to the lost sinner you once were before Christ came into your life? Can you just imagine how you could live if you didn’t have the basic needs?

This is just Food for Thought.

May the God is Who is able to do all things but fail bless you and keep you always………



27 thoughts on “Feeding the Multitude

  1. Thank you Terra for your Loving and Compassionate message, also for your strong stand for The Lord, may you be greatly blessed.

    I was praying about what to post today, often God directs me through what Bloggers share and so it is today, I will post a story for you to support your stand, I Love you in The Lord Terra my dear friend – Anne

  2. I’d say the Holy Spirit absolutely led you in this post, Terra! These are the words and heart of Jesus. Thank you.
    Lord, help us! Make us your servants. Send us! In your mighty name, Jesus – Amen.

    • Thank you so much my friend! I couldn’t agree more. God is seriously moving in me and I am do grateful for the opportunity to be used. It’s growing me and I can help but praise His name! What a mighty God we serve. Amen!

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    • Thank you for your message WriteByDesign. I greatly appreciate it. I agree….we do take things for granted. I can only hope and pray we become more mindful and compassionate. God bless you and your family as well.

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  5. Hi Terra,

    Beautiful message! We have been called by God to be His hands and feet in the earth. On so many occasions, before we are able to minister to the spiritual needs of a person, there are so many physical and emotional needs that must be met. Otherwise, they will not even be able to hear the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Thank you so much for sharing this profound word! God bless!


    • Hi Paulette! I appreciate your kind and uplifting words. I agree that we are the hands and feet that are suppose to go out into the earth and tend to the needs of others. It’s time to break up our fallow ground, put away our selfish ways and be about the Lord’s business. Do what we are called to do! May we walk in obedience and bless the lives of others. Yes I believe God is trying to tell us something and as you asked ” Are we listening? ” I hope we are. Taking a deaf ear and a blind eye is not a good thing when we know He is speaking to us and showing us what this world is needing. To God be the glory. Thank you once again for speaking into me for I’m being kept on my toes to say and do what I said I would. I want to be in the will of our heavenly Father and not in my own. God bless you!


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  7. Terra, this is such a needed message for all of us. I really love you for your willingness to pour out your heart to us, and pour your soul into those who need love more than anything. I volunteer a few days a week at an elementary school as a member of a local ministry. Our church adopted the school. The student body is 91 percent free or reduced lunch. 60 percent Hispanic, 30 percent Black and 10 percent White. Almost every child I see each day is disadvantaged. I can’t imagine what they go home to every day. When I’m with them my heart melts. They need love. I can’t give them much, and I am forbidden to share the gospel with them. But I can love them and encourage them. A few of them run up and hug me when they see me. You can’t imagine the feeling I get when they show their affection like that. I love working with them and serving them. They are so special to me. They need someone, anyone to tell them how special they are. Oh the joy I get from loving them. I talk about them in my post tomorrow called, “Jesus’ Immigration Policy”. I am grateful that God has given me the opportunity to show His love to them, even though the law prohibits me from calling it love. They can feel it. And I can feel it going out of me. Thank you so much for lifting my spirits and helping me awaken the need to reach others for Christ. God bless you, my precious sister in the Lord.

  8. Let me tell you another thing, Terra. You are reaching folks who really need to know their true identity in Christ right here on your blog. I don’t know how many views you get, but each viewer gets a wonderful taste of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your words. The love for the Lord oozes out of your thoughts and words. You are ministering Christ to everyone who reads here. Are you saving the world? No. But you are encouraging and blessing many authentic followers of Jesus who need to hear the Gospel just like the lost. What an awesome testimony to the love of Christ this blog is. I love coming here. I love reading what you write. And so do your readers. You are doing exactly what you are encouraging all of us to do. You are showing love to every reader. You are awesome and you and I serve an Awesome God.

    • So it has taken me a bit to reply back to you my dear brother Steven. My heart and my tears have been overwhelmed with your love and outpour of encouragement in words as well of that of our fellow brothers and sisters who have commented thus far. I am deeply touched and I ask the Lord what is this all about! What I am saying is that I feel His love and abundant flow of encouragement coming back to me through you all when all I do is share from the depth of my heart. This is for His glory! I thank Him for using me. It amazes me when I receive blessings from you all because I am not expecting anything back.

      My heart is flooded with love and I am sure that the tears will eventually stop at some point.

      You have touched my heart with your share of what you are doing for the children that you and your church serve. The law may prohibit but God has ways of still reaching lives that NO MAN can block or hinder. You have given what you can and your love for them has come back to you. How wonderful is that! We never know what someone is going through behind closed doors. Your heart and compassion may be all the Jesus they may come in contact with for a time being but I know that seeds have been planted. Fruit bearing seeds.

      I am reminded of the widow who gave 2 mites/copper coins which was all that she had. (Luke 21:1-4) She gave all that she had. How much more can we do in this day and age? Far too often we wasted food on a daily basis, over-shop for holiday meals that get wasted when we could set something aside when we shop to give to those who may not have loved ones to sit around with and be in fellowship with. They may not even know Christ.

      I am starting to ramble but my heart is just in ache for those who need our Savior and for those who are looking to receive a meal everyday that is not always guaranteed. Lord Jesus, open our hearts and help us to free up some time to reach out and serve those You have called us help.

      I love you all and I will continue to write when the Holy Spirit inspires and prompts me to share with you all. Regardless of how many viewers who stop past this blog, my hearts desire is to continue to love and encourage with the heart that the Lord created in me. I want to be a humble mouthpiece drawing lives unto Him as sinners and saints alike. We NEED the Lord. He is our everything and our greatest example of LOVE.

      Many many blessings and love to you my brother. I thank God for bringing you into my life and planting seeds. Continue to be hopeful, encouraged and prayerful in your ministry and all that you say and do for building up and loving the children that God placed on this earth.


    • Oh how I thank you my sister for sharing this post and leaving me with warm words like Word Processor. You have touched me more than words can say. God bless you too!

      Love and blessings to you in Christ Jesus!

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